LOVER is back Monday July 27th at UCB Chelsea!!

Seeing UCB Maude team "Lover" has been compared to seeing the sun set over the ocean. You never ever want it to end. Don't go, "Lover"/the sun, don't go!! Your sketches are too funny!

Boy howdy. Get your tickets for our next sketch show, Monday July 27th at 9:30pm! We are paired with our good buds "Dangerous Woman." They are extraordinary and we love playing with them. Tickets go fast. Get 'em here!

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant, taken at UCB Theatre NY

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LOVER will tear it up at UCB Monday June 8th at 9:30!

Last month I played a Latin TV host who needed approval from his many daddies. The month before that I carried a sword and was drowned in a sea of birth control. It's LOVER. We're all about sketch comedy. And we're a handpicked house team at UCB Chelsea that performs once a month. Here's where you can buy tickets for our next show on June 8th, 9:30. They're only $5!

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant, taken at UCB Theatre NY

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LOVER's next Maude Night is April 6th at UCB Theatre in Chelsea!

LOVER is back! We continue our comedy stranglehold on this city's dismal, laughter-deprived Monday nights. Come see us perform well-written comedy at rock bottom prices:  only $5 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea, 9:30pm. Get your tix now because it sells out fast! @UCBTheatreNY

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant, taken at UCB Theatre NY

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Check me out in TWO hilarious and likely offensive shows tonight at UCB!

Come see me tonight in two insanely funny shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre! There are very few other nights when you will get to see me play Braveheart and Paul McCartney.

7:30pm: The 2014 It Sucked Awards Show at UCB Chelsea.

9:30pm: Charles Manson's Bachelor Party at UCB East.

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Woo! I'm on a new Maude Team at UCB!

Look out for LOVER! That's the new sketch comedy team (a.k.a Maude team) I've been picked to perform on for the next year at the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. I had to beat out some stiff, very talented competition! I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm now a house team member at UCB - it's an honor and-a-half! Must mean I'm funny!!

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LITTLE CRITTER competes at Indie Cage Match Sat Sep 13th at 7pm!

It's the thunder-dome of comedy, INDIE CAGE MATCH! This is a big deal!

We'll be competing against two other teams, and will be judged by the UCB honchos as well as the audience. It's a jam-packed high-energy fun time. We will be soiling ourselves backstage, but that will only up the fun!

Reserve your tickets here:

Get there early to pick up and pay for your tickets and get good seats! This show always sells out and is usually a standing-room event. 

Little Critter at Indie Cage Match

Saturday September 13th, 7pm

at UCB East 

153 East 3rd Street, NYC

Between Aves A and B

Tickets only $5!


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